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A lot of people think that pain management consists only of prescribing medications or providing injections. While each of these modalities is important aspects of pain management, not everyone needs a pill and not everyone needs a shot. Simple as that. Pain Management is a multidisciplinary process by which each patient is treated with the modalities that he or she needs, no more, no less. This means that we may prescribe a variety of treatments to an individual patient, depending on what is required. Some may only need physical therapy. Some may need an injection. Some may need a medication or combination of medications for a variety of problems ranging from simple joint pain to complex pain issues. Counseling is an important part of the process. Although we do not provide psychological counseling in the clinic, rehabilitative counseling is a mainstay of our practice. We are there to support you in your recovery. And if your pain has got you down, we can refer you to skilled rehabilitative psychologists to help you through the difficult times.

The injection procedures that we perform are important adjuncts to the rehabilitative process. That means that, in many cases, the injections are used to “kick start” the rehabilitative process. Injections are rarely the only treatment provided and almost never the only treatment offered. When you see Dr. Schurgin, he will offer you a variety of treatments and explain the ‘pros and cons’ of each, so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment. When all is said and done, we want you to know that your participation is an integral part of your recovery from pain. Ultimately, you can see that there may be many pieces to the rehabilitation puzzle.

Having said that, everyone wants to know more about the injection procedures. To name a few, we provide epidural injections, facet joint injections, radiofrequency ablation, trigger point injections and many other types of procedures to help relieve your pain. Common pain syndromes we treat include low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, disc pain, headaches, and myofascial pain. The injections in and around the spine are performed with fluoroscopic (x-ray) guidance for accuracy and for your safety. When explaining a potential injection procedure, Dr. Schurgin will generally explain the procedure using a spine model so that you understand it. Dr. Schurgin will then discuss the other alternatives that he believes might also be appropriate to manage and relieve your pain. Then you decide. At Comprehensive Pain Management, we are there to help you make your decision, not make it for you. And after your injection we will continue to be there for you if you need us. That’s the difference with Comprehensive Pain Management.