I know that right now COVID-19 (the coronavirus) is on everyone’s mind.  There is so much information to sift through to try and understand what is really happening.  There are many resources available, however the most concise and accurate is the information coming from the various national medical societies particularly the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).  I encouraged each of you to visit their website to keep yourselves informed regarding evolving recommendations for your own safety and the safety of others.  https://www.cdc.gov/

As it pertains to Comprehensive Pain Management, we are following the guidelines put forth by the CDC, the national medical boards we are affiliated with, as well as the executive orders from both state and federal governments.  Currently, the overlying theme is social distancing.  If we minimize our exposure, we minimize the risk of spreading this virus.  The full impact of the current situation is difficult to gauge, however we can take our sister countries throughout the world as an example of what good public health measures can do and what a system overrun by a massive influx of sick patients can result in.  Unfortunately, Italy stands at the forefront of this tragedy as we see their health system daily become more overwhelmed and unable to meet the needs of a sick population.  In contrast, if we look at South Korea, we can see a country that has addressed this outbreak with the implementation of some rather rigorous policies which in the end has controlled the spread of a virus that otherwise would have resulted in a more significant burden to their health system.

Comprehensive Pain Management continues to be open to see individuals in need.  We are primarily performing video conference-based encounters (Telehealth) which allow us to continue to treat patients from the comfort of their own home using video interface software.  This presents its own challenges however this enables us to maintain the continuity of care that is so needed in individuals who are hurting.  We are happy to see both new patients and follow-ups visits using video conferencing.  If the providers here at Comprehensive Pain Management feel that a face-to-face interaction is warranted and worth the potential risks, we will also perform this as well.

We continue to offer guidance with regards to home exercises and stretches that may help to manage ongoing symptoms.  We will continue to prescribe medications as appropriate.  We are currently postponing all injection type procedures with the primary purpose to limit the use of resources that might otherwise be used for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in the larger healthcare system.  We will consider such procedures on a case by case basis if the alternative is that an individual would seek further medical attention in an emergency department as this would result in a further unnecessary burden to the healthcare system.

As many of you know, Comprehensive Pain Management also treats a significant number of injured patients involved in a motor vehicle accident or various other personal injury type scenarios.  We also worked closely with chiropractors and attorneys in the treatment of these patients.  For both the chiropractors and attorneys who are reading this post please be assured that we will continue to treat your patients as our primary objective remains the health and well-being of these individuals.  We will continue to employ safe practices to prevent further spread of coronavirus and the burden it is currently placing on our healthcare system.  Please feel free to reach out to our office with any questions or concerns regarding our current policies.


James KellerShabrokh, DO,